AirTies Network Assistant

AirTies Network Assistant 1.6

Sets up, synchronizes and accesses home network devices
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1.6.1 (See all)
AirTies Wireless Networks
Setup, connect, manage and guard your home network by connecting all applications accompanying the AirTies hardware to a unified management and control suite checking status, function and any possible errors. Testing selected devices for compatibility and proper activation is possible.

Setup, connect, manage and guard your home network with minimal effort using AirTies Network Assistant.
AirTies Network Assistant is an application that assists users to setup, manage and use their home network. It is possible to setup AirTies devices with a single touch of a button*.
All new products from AirTies now come with AirTies Network Assistant, making your wireless home networking a trouble free,easy, safe and enjoyable experience.
Users can quickly and easily fix problems using the automatic troubleshooting feature.
You can keep an eye on your network by using the network diagram, that shows all devices currently on your network or that have been on your network recently.

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